Multi-level grouping/sorting in Activity Center view
Idea shared by Kevin Devine - February 15, 2017 at 3:15 PM
We would like the ability to have multi-level sorting in the activity center view.
Currently there is only 1 level of sorting
For example show Projects:
1. By Portfolio
2. By Customer
3. By Budget
4. By % Complete
Portfolio 1
    Project A    Customer x    $250,000     95%
    Project B    Customer x    $250,000     80%
    Project C    Customer x    $175,000     90%
    Project D    Customer y    $150,000    100%
Portfolio 2
    Project E    Customer x    $200,000     30%
    Project F    Customer x      $80,000     50%
Portfolio 3
    Project G   Customer y    $630,000     65%

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David Connolly Replied
March 2, 2017 at 2:39 PM
Employee Post
Hi Kevin,
Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it onto our management team. For now you can actually create something similar to what you requested in the portfolio page.
In there you just need to click Customize Projects button near the top and you can turn on the project fields for Name, Customer, Budget and % completed as well as a variety of other fields. I know its not the same as having it in the activity centre but hopefully it will work for you for now. 

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