End date only calendars
Idea shared by William Dively - October 16, 2014 at 5:40 PM
Under Consideration
We use this project manager as more of a task manager to keep our employees and staff on track.
That being said, we only really utilize end dates (as due dates). For items to appear in the "IN PROGRESS" section of the "MY ASSIGNMENTS" page, they have to be within the start dates.
For this reason, all of our tasks for the week start on Friday that are due for the coming week, so our staff can plan their schedules for the coming week. The problem is, when its done this way, the tasks appear as week-long ranges rather than just appearing on their due dates (end date).
Can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE either add an due date column (that will make things appear in the "My Assignments" IN PROGRESS page) or make a way to show the calendar for users only showing end dates of tasks, instead of the range from start to end?

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Greg B Replied
January 18 at 7:28 PM
This could help reduce the need to make extra milestones we are adding to help reduce what some users get to see. As a project manager I need to see everything and I will learn how to use EasyProjects to drill where I need to.  Some of my users need a quick snapshot they can access without my direct assistance.

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