New "Team Leader" role (form Organizational point of view)
Idea shared by Stefan Condik - February 2, 2016 at 9:38 AM
I would like to propose an idea about bringing "Hierarchical organizational structure point of view" into "Project structure point of view". 
Example situation is that we have two separate teams (from organizational structure point of view) named A and B. Employees from these teams work on projects where project teams consist of team A or team B employees, but we have also projects, where employees from both teams participate. Is it possible to create a role for Team leader, so he will be able to see all tasks/subtasks etc. assigned to subordinates from his team and he will see all projects where subordinates from his team are project managers, but he will not see other rest of projects (tasks with participants from other team) where his subordinates are only participants? “A” team leader should see the task assigned to his subordinate (project is managed by Project manager from team “B”), but he should not see other tasks from the “B” project or any other projects. 
It would be great to have this kind of possibility, because every user can be added into team and this team could have one Team Leader who would be able to have overview about his subordinates without the need to see everything. This would also satisfy Team Leaders who are not happy to share complete information about the project with other Team Leader except the information about tasks where participate subordinates of other Team Leader.
Please, let me know what you think about the idea, or let´s have a discussion about workaround that you propose.
Thank you!

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Fred Jones Replied
February 5, 2016 at 4:19 AM
Hello Stefan,
Thank you for your message and other comments you have added to the user community. Your input is greatly appreciated.
Regarding your suggestion for a Team Leader who would be able to follow his team members in other projects where they are not the Team Lead.
One suggestion that could work in the situation you mentioned would be to create a role such as 'Team Leader-View only' or some appropriate name. This role would only have the ability to view to activities to which they are assigned in the projects of the other Team Leaders.
Thus the process would be for Team Leader B who is using someone from Team A in his project to add that team A member and his leader to his project. He would change the role of the Team Leader to the Team Leader-View only role in that project. This can be done in the Project details page. When he assigns the team A member to a task he would also assign the Team Leader A (with the view only role) to the same task. This way Team Leader A would only see the tasks to which he is assigned with his team member and not be able to make any changes in Team Leader B's projects
The above give Team Leader B full control over what the other Team Leaders could see and do in their projects. I suspect this would not be a large challenge and when Team Leader B is using a member of team A he would then assign both that team A member and his Team Leader A (with view only role) to those tasks.
This likely could be put into practice as the permissions currently operate and not have to wait for it to get on to the relatively long wish list for the developers.
I hope this might work for you. Please contact me if you wish to discuss this approach in more detail.
Thanks again,
Fred Jones
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Stefan Condik Replied
February 9, 2016 at 4:18 PM
thank you very much for your suggestion. It would be great to have the feature without the need to assign also teamleaders and role change. Of course, suggested alternative can be done, but suggested feature would help our managers a lot - less clicks and more confidence, that the teamlider will not be forgotten when assigning task assignees.
I agree that it is all about discipline, but less obstacles during usage means also better adoption of tool and that is something we want to achieve.
About your suggestion, I have checked suggested approach and I am not sure about the permission settings for Team Leader that needs to see his subordinate on other project. Should those settings look like this?
Thank you very much,
Support Agent Replied
March 11, 2016 at 8:28 PM
Employee Post
Hello Stefan,
Thank you for your ideas - and they're great and hopefully we will adopt them - for now that that workflow or logic is confined to our filters which can search and return a set of proj/tasks based upon a "Managed by" filter. A role must include the ability to manage proj members and activity assignees to qualify for inclusion. The filter is available from the Resources>People section of the filter feature in the activity center, and click "More" and select "Managed By" from the drop down.
Too, there's an overlooked level of permissions in our portfolios, so a user does not have to be assigned to a project to see things - rather if he is a portfolio member and has a "viewer" role then he can view anything included in that portfolio.
See this help page and associated links for full info
If you need more info on this just start a conversion from the ? bubble in EP.

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