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0Replies0VotesLimitless Report Generator Output Rows - Limited to 1000 right now Proposed Idea by Franklin Wiggins-May 26 at 3:13 PM
1Replies0VotesExporting the Gantt chart in the Activity centre Planned Idea by Nicole Cook-March 28 at 5:15 PM
2Replies0VotesTime Entry Billing for custom reports Proposed Idea by Jill Wyatt-March 2 at 10:42 PM
1Replies0VotesExpand Email Notification Options Proposed Idea by Steffen Trangeled-March 1 at 6:53 PM
0Replies0VotesAdd a EP Login Section to Easy Projects Website for hosted accounts Proposed Idea by Support Agent-March 1 at 3:14 PM
2Replies5VotesRepeating Activites Completed Idea by moved from Easy Proj - Get Satisfaction page-February 3 at 4:01 PM
0Replies3VotesOn Hold should not calculate health Proposed Idea by Kevin Devine-January 27 at 3:03 AM
1Replies1VotesCreate report from Custom Forms Under Consideration Idea by Lindsey Higgins-January 26 at 7:20 PM