Keeping data when switching from Hosted to In-House version

Q. If I change from using EP on your server, either hosted or a trial, can I keep my data if I switch to using EP In-House?

A. Yes, certainly. 

Send an email to, to request your hosted or trial database be sent to you, be sure to include
the URL of your trial ie

Currently your hosted version database (DB) will be in the SQL 2014 format. If you have a previous SQL server version it's best to upgrade to SQL 2014 (express or full).

Then, go to to get the lastest version of the EP installer.

To connect up your EP database and the EP program files, follow the info, below:

1. Go to the link sent to you to download and unzip your DB from our server.
2. Restore the database .bak file using the SQL Server Management Studio.
3. In the restore screen, you should go to the options page and look at the restore path where your files will be placed.  By default, sql will choose a restore path equal to where the files were backed up from - most likely this path will not exist on your server, so change the path for both the .mdf and .ldf files to where they reside on your server.
4. Launch the EP installer and choose 'Upgrade' mode.
5. When you get to the page where you put in info about your database, make sure you choose the name of the sql server and the name of the DB, where you just restored the bak file.
6. You will have received a license file via email from our Sales dept, so login to EP as administrator and upload the license file using the Update License item under your user name menu.