Video Tutorials don't run

Errors and Error Messages
Q. When I try to run a video from your tutorial page either nothing happens or the video screen is blank.

A. Some videos are run from our site and some are run from YouTube, Screenr, Vimeo so here are possible solutions.

1. You'll need to make sure that you have the most recent version of Flash.
Please download and install the latest flash player for Firefox from

2. Could be a browser security issue - so go into your browser's tools > options area and make sure that third party cookies and popups are allowed for Also, make you you have excluded the EP site for other security and anti-virus / malware software you have running.

3. If you are using Firefox then browser themes, add-ons, etc. may be stopping the videos, so start Firefox in safe-mode and startup with add-on software disabled - here's a link to do this: