Create a backup of Easy Projects prior to Upgrading

Installation & Upgrade
The process of backing up EP consists of two steps: database backup and installation folder backup.

NOTE. If your EP is setup to store attachments on a local disk instead of database then you have to backup a folder with EP attachments as well.

To make a backup of your Easy Projects installation prior to upgrade it, follow the steps described below.

1) Launch MS SQL Server Management Studio at 'Start -> All Programs':

2) Once you are logged in to your SQL server locate your Easy Projects database, right-click on it and choose 'Tasks -> Back Up':

3) Make sure you choose 'Full' backup type and check location where the backup file will be created. The path can be changed if necessary:

Press OK to start the backup process.

4) Now make a copy of your EP installation folder, e.g. zip it:

If you encounter any errors during the EP upgrade process or after, please take screenshots of the errors and attach them to your support ticket. In order to open a ticket with us click on 'Submit a Ticket' at

In order to roll back to the original EP install in case of a problem, simply reverse the process: restore Easy Projects database from the backup and copy the folder with Easy Projects files from the backup back to 'c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\' folder.