Notification formatting of text for Bold and Italic

E-mail Notifications & SMTP
Q. How do I add or remove the font formatting for elements of the notification emails?

A. The notification templates use xml coding so regular html formatting tags can be used. Use either Notepad or any xml editor, and the latter maybe easier since it will colour code the different xml elements for you.

 As an example, to Bold the start date text in a notification, look for this line and add the bold tags <b> </b>, as indicated, below:

<b><xsl:value-of select="msxsl:format-date(../activity/@StartDate, 'MMMM dd, yyyy', 'en-US')" /></b>

To remove formatting, such as Italic, look for and remove opening and closing italic tags <i> </i>.

To edit the files, from the Easy Projects menu go to user menu then Settings, then Notifications and look for the link called Email Templates. Click the link to download, then when finished modifying a template file you need to Upload it and Save changes, and if you have a problem with the notifications not being sent go back to this page and choose Reset to default.