I am an Administrator, but I am restricted as to what I can do in a project or can't see all the tasks

General Questions
The role of Administrator is Global, and so it cannot exist inside a project - once you are assigned to a project your permissions are set by your role inside that project and this translates into the following rules of thumb:

  1. If a user is NOT a member of either a project, or a portfolio, his permissions are taken from his global role (Admin role would be relevant because nothing is set to over ride the Global permissions).
  2. If he is a member of a portfolio, his portfolio-related permissions override his global ones and spread on portfolio objects i.e. projects, activities, time entries.
  3. If he is a member of a project, his project-related permissions override his global ones.
  4. If he is a member of a project and a portfolio, his project-related permissions override his portfolio-related ones.

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