Easy Projects In-House instance performance using Fiddler

Errors and Error Messages
Q. My In-House EP instance is slow, how can I pinpoint where the problem lies e.g. my server, my network, the client, all three?
A. The best tool to measure all the aspects of EP's performance on your in-house instance is a tool called Fiddler. Have one or more users with the most problematic performance issues install and track their EP use.

The tool (for .NET 4) can be downloaded at https://www.telerik.com/download/fiddler

See the video below the download link called "Getting started" for a full run thru of how to download/install/run Fiddler


1.Once you have this tool installed please run it.

2.Once Fiddler is running please open a browser and recreate the issue.

3.Once you have reproduced the issue in the web browser please switch back to Fiddler and open the “file” menu and choose “Save -> Session(s) -> in Archive.zip”.

4.Once you have the zip file please send it to us.

Note: see this KB article if you access EP using https:// (encrypted SSL) and make these changes once they have Fiddler installed