Activities page and response time

General Questions
Are there limits to how many projects and activities I can put into Easy Projects? I notice that the screen takes much longer to update with more info.

There are no limits on projects or tasks – but the amount you choose to display can affect the load time and performance.

If you find the Activity Center page loading slowly, then there are a couple of things you can do to have the screen load in a more timely fashion:
        1. Disable showing completed projects and activities - open the quick action panel and click "Hide completed projects" and "Hide completed activities":
Pic. 1. The quick action panel
        2. Use filters! If you choose to only view 1 or 2 projects at a time, the time to render these will vastly improve the page loading time on each visit to this page!! 
Last applied filter settings are stored in the database.
Note that in the Activity Center you can save various filters and views for future use using the Save As button.
Here's the steps to set a single project status filter (checkbox) – each visit to the page simply set a new filter for the project and associated activities you want to see:


Pic. 2. Using filters in the Activity Center
        3. Switch to Firefox or Chrome browser, which renders faster than Internet Explorer.
        4. Free up resources on the client (your computer), i.e. close all programs.
NOTE: Web page loading speed depends directly on the internet connection speed if EP is installed on a remote server.

For example, an EP Web page's size can be several megabytes depending on the number of activities, so if your internet connection speed is e.g. 1 megabit per second - i.e. practically it's about 100 kilobytes per second - a 2 MB page will be loaded in 20 seconds.

Many businesses have their bandwidth shared equally among all users. The 1 megabit connection from the above example shared among 10 users will give you only about 10 KB per second for such type of connection.