Lead subtasks in a parent should inherit parent's predecessors
Idea shared by Dave Minerath - August 4, 2016 at 2:11 PM
Summary:  When a parent task has predecessors, those predecessors should apply to the lead subtasks in the parent.
Scenario:  I have tasks A and B.  Task B has subtasks B1, B2, and B3. B1 and B2 are independent of each other, and B3 is dependent on B2.
I set up my parent tasks such that A and B are all related finish-to-start
A --> B
and inside task B, I have
B2 --> B3
I would expect that tasks B1 and B2 to require A to be done without me adding an explicit relationship, i.e. the lead sub-tasks in a parent inherit the parent's predecessors.
At this time if I take a task and add sub-tasks below it, the start date follows the parent, but they aren't bound by the finish-to-start relationship.  I can go into the 'pending' tab of the 'My Assignments' page and start the task, even though the parent's predecessors are not complete.

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