Add Custom Fields that are Similar to Portfolios (Can have members)
Idea shared by Jan Falkum - February 23, 2017 at 10:16 PM

We curently use portfolios to indicate which sections of our I.T. Department are involved as they
have some security (members are added to each) built in. We had four sections of our
department that needed a portfolio of their own, then a portfolio that was a
combo with each of the other three, two of the other three, etc. So, we
currently have 15 portfolios.


We now have need to add a fifth section of our department. Adding this into
the combo scheme would make the portfolio drop-down too large and
unmanageable. We would like to better manage adding this 5th section. Is it possible to add a custom field
checkbox for each of the five so that multiples could be selected, and to
control who has access to the projects or tasks based on what is checked? 

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