Free/Drag Form Project Management View
Idea shared by Franklin Wiggins - June 23, 2017 at 5:36 PM
EP works great for me and works very well for many others, especially those who are very structured people. Many other competing softwares are also very structured (line items, like a to-do list). I have noticed that people who are less structured struggle more with it. They much more prefer a white board method or scattered post-its. Sometimes I even like doing that. I'll write down all my ideas on Post-Its, add them to a chart, and then make a plan. After that, I'll input things into EP.
What if EP had a whiteboard/post it view that linked to the existing data that are in the other views? Think of the post-its as objects that carried the information of projects, activities, etc. You could dive deeper or view them high-level (something you can't quite do in the paper world). You could drag them around on your screen, draw lines between them and other post-its. You could add notes to them for fields already being used in EP. But with a click of a button, you could switch back to the normal view of EP's Activity Center.
EP's tagline is "All your projects.  All in one place. Replace the mess of spreadsheets, emails and whiteboards with a simple workspace for everyone to collaborate together." I agree with this and that's why I love EP. I think some people who struggle to make the transition simply like the formats is trying to replace/improve on. EP already has spreadsheet-style features (report generator) and e-mail linking capabilites. What about the freedom of whiteboards? EP's team has more development capability and desire than most software groups I have worked with, so that is why I propose this.

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