Tagging for effort tracking
Idea shared by Sean Hayes - November 27, 2017 at 6:41 PM
We currently use EZP to do our project management and track our effort for operational requests.
It would be HIGHLY useful to have some tagging functionality when recording effort.  Right now we are breaking out tasks based on the type of effort (programming, admin, support, etc), but if someone did BOTH, then we have to subdivide our recording.  Being able to specify tags (... and multiple tags) would make things lovely.
If we could make these tags arbitrary lists... then we could do all sorts of goodness on our entries.  (This was a support request for customer A that dealt with application X).  As it is today, we need to "explode" every customer, every type of effort, and every application into a separate task.  (40 customers x 8 types of effort x 250 applications = 80000 tasks.  Yuck. )  Because this would be too many, we just do two levels of customers and types of effort, but this loses specific information then, and it gets complicated if we ever have to deal with multiple customers or different types of effort.
I realize this may not be a simple request, but in the age of #hashtags, it is how people tend to work. 
Thanks! (as I now add tags to this entry)

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David Connolly Replied
November 27, 2017 at 9:10 PM
Employee Post
Hi Sean,
Thanks for your suggestion. Just to clarify, when you say the ability to tag functionality when recording effort are you referring to the ability to tag time entries?
Sean Hayes Replied
December 5, 2017 at 2:41 PM
Specifically, I'm looking for tagging functionality on the "Add Time log" section, and a corresponding report of such.  (Comments are great today, but the lack of structured data make them really hard to report on)

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