Automatic Notifications - ability to turn off at activity level when needed
Idea shared by Emily Davis - October 27, 2015 at 4:39 PM
there are sometimes I just want to add a message to the task, without notifying the owner.
I like how it grays out the name of who it's going to notify by default, but we should be able to uncheck the box via override option.  Otherwise, when I set up a task or project and start uploading things, they are bombarded with emails.
I can wait to add their name later, but even after project is started, we just need ability to uncheck that box as needed.

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Fred Jones Replied
November 20, 2015 at 12:34 AM
Hello Emily,
Understand that sometime you wish to add a message without an email notification being sent out. 
Here is a way the might work for you.  It is what I do when I don't want an email notification to be sent out, when I make a small change or add a message, etc. You will need to have permissions to edit projects for this to work.
You can go to the Project details page of the project in which the activity resides, and click on the 'Notification' tab on the top left side of the page. When the list of notification rules appears, click on the 'Disable' on the right side of the rule that you wish to stop sending out any notifications. 
Go to your activity in that project. Make your changes or add a message, etc. and after doing so, don't forget to go back to the Project details page and enable the notification rule(s) once again.
Not as elegant as your suggestion, but it does stop any non-essential emails from being sent out.
I hope this might assist you.

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