Duplicating a project template should duplicate all fields
Problem reported by Greg B - November 30, 2015 at 2:30 PM
Currently, when a project template is duplicated, planned expenses and budgeted items are not duplicated.  They should be.  Failing to duplicate all the template information means I have to reenter information and could (will eventually) make a mistake.  
It is also common for large multi-phase projects to be broken into smaller pieces.  To save time, I would usually create a duplicate project and delete irrelevant sections (for example civil work versus electrical work).  The current project duplication process requires a lot of data reentry (again this may lead to opportunities for mistakes).

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Fred Jones Replied
November 30, 2015 at 6:25 PM
Hello Gregory,
Noted your posting about duplicating projects and using templates etc.
Not sure, but when you have planned expenses and budgeted items in a template, they are duplicated when I checked in my account. Please check that those items are in the template which you wish to duplicate.
For your assistance you can find information about Templates and duplication of them and tips as well in the Online Help such as at: https://www.easyprojects.net/help/project_templates.htm
You can find information about duplicating a current project in Online Help at: https://www.easyprojects.net/help/duplicating_projects.htm
Your projects and templates can have as many levels of parent activities and sub-activities with their own sub-activities as you require. This should allow you to create complex project templates, duplicate them and remove the irrelevant sections.
Once you have created a new project from duplicating a template you can easily remove any unnecessary section by using the batch deletion function in the Activity Center. You should not have to do data re-entry.
You can find information about deleting activities in Online Help at: https://www.easyprojects.net/help/deleting_activities.htm
I hope this assists you.
Fred Jones
Customer Success Manager

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