Interactive Gantt and Silverlight Errors - including async exception

To use the EP interactive-Silverlight features you must have the most recent version of Silverlight running on your client pc - check this page to verify the version and upgrade if necessary:

If you see an error when you access Silverlight pages - then follow the info, below, to make changes to your EP configuration file.

Please note that to use the Interactive Gantt you must make sure you are using a consistent URL throughout - the same URL used to access EP must be used in the web.config section which ask for your EP URL, as the examples below illustrate.

To check this open your web.config file in NotePad or another text only editor and find this element:


Make sure the url is the same one as that's in your browser when you use EP - if the two do not match then the silverlight will not work.  

Once you've confirmed the two urls are the same then proceed to step 1, below.

If you see an error when open the Interactive Gantt - please check the following 3 sections, below:

1. the .xap file should loaded OK by opening the URL like this:

where - your EP site address.

As the result a browser should ask you to save/open this file.

 The browser dialog window asking you to download or save the file just means that this check passed ok.

If not - please download this text file then rename it to "AddMimeTypes.vbs" and run it on a server with IIS. You should be a server administrator in order to be able to run this file.



2. Open the Server Manager (in Windows 2008, for 2003 see 2a. below) and check if HTTP Activation is installed under the .NET Framework Features:

Sometimes, checking the box, above, will result in the following error if components are not properly registered in IIS, such as the following:

To resolve this error the best first step is to run the following command to reconnect IIS and

aspnet_regiis -iru

For a full list of commands, please see this page:


2a.  If you use Windows 2003 Server (IIS 6), please open the command prompt on the server, navigate to the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v3.0\Windows Communication Foundation folder and run the following command:

ServiceModelReg.exe -i




3. if the gantt services settings are correct in the Web.Config file (the file is in EP.NET root folder, "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\easyprojects" by default):

 An URL you use to access your EP.NET site (e.g. must be the same as the following one specified in the Web.Config file:


You can check if the services work by opening an URL like that:

A screen like the following one should be loaded if the services are setup correctly:

4.1. If your Easy Projects instance is setup to use Windows authentication then additional changes should be done to the Web.Config file. Please refer to this KB article.

4.2. In case Easy Projects is setup to be accessed via HTTPS only the instructions for modifying the Web.Config are at this URL.