Printing error when using Windows authentication for EP

Errors and Error Messages
Q. I get the following error when trying to print a page using the Printer-Friendly version of a page. I'm using Active Directory (Windows) authentication and HTTPS to access my EP site.

Could not render the url. Could not get image from url.The URL is not accessible. Status code 0x191.The requested resource requires user authentication.


1. Create a user on the server where EP site is running which will be used as an EP application pool identity or use a domain administrator account.

2. In IIS manager create a separate application pool for EP web site/virtual directory and choose the above user as the identity for this pool as shown on the Picture 1:

Picture 1. Choosing a custom identity (devel\pm1 in this example) for an application pool. 

3. Give this user "full control" ntfs access permissions to the EP installation folder, its subfolders and files (e.g. c:\inetpub\wwwroot\easyprojects).

4. If using SSL (https) then create a certificate and install it to a web site where EP virtual directory is located, or to EP web site (skip this step if a certificate is already installed).

5. Make sure that EP virtual directory/web site has 'Integrated Windows Authentication' enabled and 'Enable Anonymous Access' disabled.

6. If using SSL (https), make sure that IE doesn't have any SSL warnings in the Security Report for the EP URL and if there are any and you can't login to EP - then recreate the EP virtual directory/web site in IIS.

7. Once you successfully logged in to EP try to print a page using the Printer-Friendly version, from a client machine, not from the server.

If IE can't download pdf file (i.e. there's no a dialog window asking you to save or open a file) then please follow the instructions of the MS KB article at: