Different ways to create an activity

Getting Started
There are many ways to create activities in Easy Projects e.g. using Quick Panel, import from CSV, Issue By Email feature, etc.
Note that activities can be added to existing projects only.

All possible ways to create an activity are:

Quick Panel.

It's accessible on all pages on the left of the main menu.

"Add activity" link:

Pic. 1. Using the quick action panel.

Activity Center.

Pic. 2. Activity Center.

To add an activity: 


Type the name of the activity in the top text box.


To quickly specify the end date for the activity, type 'by' and then the date or a word/phrase referring to a date, e.g. 'today', 'next Friday', etc.


Use type selector to select type of activity: Task, Issue or Request.


Select the project the activity will be part of.


Type '@' followed by the name of the user to be assignee on the activity, or use the assignee selection button to quickly assign project members to the task.


Select start date for the activity using the date selector.


Hit Enter, or click 'Create'.


With the activity added to the list, you can supply any extra details on the activity details page (to access it simply use the activity details button (ac_access_project_details_btn). Also see steps 3 through 4 here.


Once an activity has been created you can modify its details as required in a similarly easy manner. 



Suppose you want to change budget of the activity. Click the 'strong box' button (ac_budget_btn). Edit the budget and click Save when you are done.


My Assignments page.
"Create a new task" button allows to create task for existing project and select parent activity for it:

Pic. 3. Creating a task on the My Assignments page.

Issue by email feature.

To create an issue by email just send an email to a dedicated address and it will be converted to an issue.
See the online help for the details on how this feature works at https://www.easyprojects.net/help/issue_by_e_mail_settings.htm

Time logs page.

"Add a new project or activity" link allows either to create activity in existing project or create new project and activity in it.
Just created activity will be automatically chosen to add time for.

Pic. 4. Creating an activity on the Time Logs page.

This option is available under the Tools menu.
CSV (comma separated value) file with as many lines as you want can be used to import the same number of activities including assignees and custom fields.

Pic. 5. Importing tasks from CSV.

Values from the first line of the CSV file can be automatically recognized as EP field names:

Mapping fields
Pic. 6. Mapping fields.