Default User Name And Password

General Questions
1. In-house installation.

The default user name and password, when you setup Easy Projects for the first time is "Administrator" and password = "admin" (password is case sensitive so type exactly as shown but without the quotes). The password can be changed during installation so please remember a new one once the default has been changed.

But if you chose to add the demo data (the Demo installation mode), when installing EP on your server, then the password is "epdemo" which is the same for all users in the demo database and not the password, above.

2. Online account.

The default user name is Administrator or your e-mail address.
A randomly generated password should be emailed to your after the account activation.
If you change the default user name and/or password, be sure to write it down, as Easy Projects encrypts the password, so recovery is difficult and time consuming.

NOTE. You can always reset a password using the "Forgot your password?" feature on the EP login page.
If you have problems resetting it please contact us at or start a conversation or create a ticket on the Support Portal.