Export info from Easy Projects Calendar to Outlook or Google calendar

Q. How can I export data from Easy Projects to my Outlook or Google calendar?

A. Go to the Tools - Calendar page. Click on the "Export to iCal" button. Choose if you want to export just the activities, or just the events or both. Select the date range and click "Export".

In the browser dialog choose the "Save" option to save the file to a disk drive or "Open with Microsoft Office Outlook" option to open the file in Outlook. Please note that this will only work with Outlook from v2007 and above.

In the Google Calendar click "Add" in the "Other calendars" section and choose "Import calendar" option, then browse for the iCal file and click "Import" button.

NOTE. See the 3rd party Easy Projects Outlook Add-in page for other integration options at:


MS Outlook Add-in for Easy Projects available now! You can download the add-in at the creators’ website: http://www.2partners.net
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