Downloading and Installing Your Upgrade Files

Installation & Upgrade

The first step to upgrading is to download the new version and run the setup to install the new version. The upgrade file to use is found at:
Download page

You may choose the installer (Automatic upgrade package), or request the Advanced upgrade package.

We also recommend that you backup your current Easy Projects folder and SQL database, before you begin the upgrade.

If you choose the installer, then click this download link to the far right of where you see Easy Projects v.x Installer, which will prompt you to download Setup.exe, and so download it, remembering which folder/location Setup.exe was downloaded/saved to. Now find and double click on Setup.exe which will launch the setup wizard.

There are two important aspects of this wizard to note:

1) Where your current Easy Projects folder exists – you need to make sure the upgrade wizard will install into current Easy Projects folder. The wizard chooses "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\EasyProjects" by default, but if this is not your current folder, then use the button to the right of the Target folder box to browse to the actual folder you are using.
2) Choose Upgrade and not clean install, as the install type.

The installer is used for both 30-Day Trial and Upgrades from the versions 9.x and below.

The Advanced package (contact us to get it) is 
used for Trial and Upgrades. If you are comfortable doing custom installations (or do not have a possibility to run an executable), then the Advanced package should be very straightforward for you.

Whichever package you choose, there is a documentation file on the Downloads page (or in the zip file of the advanced package), which has detailed installation instructions. This document is simply an outline of issues particular to upgrading your version of Easy Projects.

As always, any problems please submit a ticket at