Is there a fee associated with upgrading?

Installation & Upgrade
To determine if you need to pay an Upgrade Fee, you will need to check your version number.
It can be done as follows:
open your EP installation folder, go to the Bin subfolder, right click on any LogicSoftware*.dll file, select Properties, then Details. The EP version number has the following format, e.g.:


The number to the far left in the sequence of numbers (in this example '11') indicates the Major version number.

Customers who have a Gold Subscription do not have to pay an Upgrade Fee, regardless of which version they are currently using.

There is no Fee if you are upgrading within a major version, i.e. 11.0.0 to 11.0.1 but there is a Fee if you are upgrading from one major version to another i.e. 10.x.x to 11.0.1.

If your upgrade requires a Fee, then before you download and install any files, email, for a quote. After your upgrade Fee has been received, you will be emailed a new license file to use for your new version, including instructions on how to integrate this into your upgraded version. You should wait until you received this license file before proceeding to Downloading and Installing Your Upgrade Files (

As always, any problems please email support at