Can I modify the URL in the notifications e-mails? (it reads localhost)

E-mail Notifications & SMTP
For your local EP instance you need to change the info in your "Web.Config" file, located in your EP root folder ("C:\inetpub\wwwroot\easyprojects" by default).

Open the file in Notepad, and search for the parameter called "ApplicationRoot".
Edit the info between the tags to reflect the true URL of EP, as this is where the notifications look to find the info to put in the click here URL:

The same change also needs to be done to the LogicSoftware.EasyProjects.SendNotificationsService.exe.config file found in the "NotificationService" folder.
Once it's done restart the "Easy Projects Email Notification Service" service.

Each time you upgrade, you will have to ensure that this info is used during setup, on the IIS configuration screen of the EP setup utility - see the below screenshot.