How can I enable the integration between SmarterTrack and Easy Projects? How it works?


Integration with Easy Projects allows you to convert tickets from SmarterTrack (ST) into new Tasks, Issues or Requests within Easy Projects.

Once you enabled the integration the SmarterTrack icon appears on the Activity Center next to the Import button, and the "Import from SmarterTrack" button appears on the "Activities (classic)" page.

By clicking on that button you can enter a ticket number from ST and its contents will be copied into EP (i.e. a new activity will be created).

The supported versions are:

SmarterTrack 3.5 or later

Easy Projects 6.0 or later


To enable the integration you need to enable the integration option on the EP Advanced Settings page.

In order to do this login as EP administrator, open a user menu then Settings - General - Advanced Settings (in older EP versions: Options - Advanced Settings) and tick the "Enable SmarterTrack integration" checkbox.

Fill in the fields and click on the "Test SmarterTrack settings" button.

If the test passed OK click on the "Apply" button to save settings.