Automate backup of EP db for SQL Express

Technical Questions
How can I automate the backup of my EP database, when using SQL Server Express?

Below is a command to save in a text file and save as a batch file (ie backupEPdb.bat):

OSQL -S ServerName -U SQLUser -P SQLUserPassword -n -Q "BACKUP DATABASE [YourEasyProjectsDatabaseName] TO DISK = 'c:\BackupFolder\EPDB.bak'"

where ServerName - your SQL server name, SQLUser - SQL server user (usually sa), SQLUserPassword - SQL server user password, YourEasyProjectsDatabaseName - your EP database name, c:\BackupFolder\EPDB.bak - backup folder (must exist) path and database backup file name.
Then, use the Windows scheduler (Accessories - System Tools - Scheduled Tasks) to run the .bat file at a specified time(s)